just for now

sometimes i look into the clouds
wonder where you are
then i check my heart to see
a sigh escapes into a gentle wind
to find you walking quietly
down a rain drenched street
as droplets cascade
pitter-patter on your shoulders
while you stop to listen
turn to see me in the mist
smile oh so sweetly
raindrops to my eyes
kisses on my lips
under rainbows
there you are
always here
I no longer wonder
just for now


hard nightmares

a nightmare slapped me hard
woke me up to stare and blink at nothing
to wonder all about it
this crazy man wanting to smash me all to bits
took a crowbar to my head
beat out a rhythm
beat it good
beat it hard
while the violence of it made me cry
i hid my face and sobbed
Knew the monster
Knew the beast
Knew the man
holding that bloody crowbar
drip, drip, dripping
crimson to the floor
soaked the cheap carpeting
1970’s shag drank my essence
until the dream escaped
hid back inside my sleep buster
so that I carried it with me
for days
for weeks
for months
my private nightmare
chained to me
until another came along


Poetry Scream, Local Poets Heat-up Podium

Hosted by R. O'Donnell and featuring the fine talents of Dawn Gathings, Kitty Gibson, Brook Hofpar, Jason Munford, Tobias De Vor, and special guest Amy McKenzie, The Boiler Room's premiere Poetry Scream was a screaming success. It confirms that the talent is here, right here in Port Townsend, and that one of the spots heating-up that talent is The Boiler Room.

The Poetry Scream, a fast-paced poetry reading whereby uncensored poets are unleashed at the podium, will continue every Last Friday of the month at The Boiler Room, 8pm sharp.

The Boiler Room is a non-profit all-ages venue for music, art, poetry, and theater. A youth-run business, The Boiler Room fosters a culture of volunteers and celebrates community, growth, learning and empowerment of youth and the young-at-heart. We are located in the heart of a small Victorian seaport (Port Townsend, Washington State) in the Pacific Northwest.





Brook Hofpar, Tobias De Vor, Dawn Gathings, Jason Munford, Kitty Gibson, with special guest Amy McKenzie and host R. O'Donnell will be reading their poetry this Friday the 30th @ 8pm at the Boiler Room, 711 Water Street, Port Towsend, WA.

POETRY SCREAM is an edgy humorous poetry reading whereby five uncensored poets are unleashed onstage. Our aim is to make poetry readings dangerous again.

The Boiler Room is a non-profit all-ages venue for music art, poetry, and theater. A youth-run business, The Boiler Room fosters a culture of volunteers and celebrates community, growth, learning and empowerment of youth and the young-at-heart. We are located in the heart of a small Victorian seaport (Port Townsend, Washington State) in the Pacific Northwest.

This is a FREE event!



O'Donnell McKenzie Hit the Boards

Poster for New Age Vaudeville's The TV Dinner Hour produced by O'Donnell/McKenzie

The producing team of O'Donnell and McKenzie, best known for New Age Vaudeville, the New Variety, and The Third Avenue Playhouse have joined talents once again to produce Port Townsend, Washington's first and only professional year-round theatre company.

R. O'Donnell and Amy McKenzie are facilitating a year-round professional theatre company in the historic Port Townsend area, theatre location to be determined from a host of prospects. The theatre season would be marketed for the existing peninsula demographic as well as the tourist trade says the pair. Their format would be primarily musical comedy and comedies from Broadway, off-Broadway to pre-Broadway fare. They plan to cast out of Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles with an intern program attached.

Richard O'Donnell is a playwright, producer, and actor. He has worked and lived in New York City and Chicago where he has written and performed for the stage, film, and television. O'Donnell wrote the award-winning off-Broadway musical comedy One & One , Radio City Music Hall's A Manhattan Showboat, and co-founded the New Age Vaudeville theatre company, the New Variety cabaret, and the R. Rated television show on Fox Chicago. As an actor, Mr. O'Donnell has performed for film, television, off-Broadway, off-off-Broadway, and in regional and summer stock theatres all across America. His favorite roles include Elmore in An Evening with Elmore & Gwendolyn Putts and title roles in Larry Shue's The Nerd and The Foreigner (both extended runs at the Peninsula Players).

Amy McKenzie is a producer, director, and actress. She has worked and lived in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago where she has produced and performed for the stage and television. Ms. McKenzie co-founded the New Age Vaudeville theatre company as well as directing their biggest cult hits An Evening with Elmore and Gwendolyn Putts and the TV Dinner Hour starring Del Close, Richard O’Donnell and Megan Cavanagh. She directed and starred in numerous productions at The Peninsula Players, America's oldest residential summer theatre, as well as founding and producing their fall season. Ms. Mckenzie was on the board of directors for the Peninsula Players (before, during, and after its restoration) for over a decade, and founded and produced The Third Avenue Playhouse in Sturgeon Bay, WI whereby she successfully converted an old movie house into a state-of-the-art performing arts theatre. Being an accomplished actress, Amy has crossed the boards in national, regional, touring, and summer stock theatre's all across America. Favorite roles include Dr. Vivian Bearing in Wit, Babe in Crimes of the Heart, and Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire - directed by A.C.T.'s William Ball.

The Kreep

Dear Silly Serenaders,

How about a pink hymenoptera queen for your perusal?

in E†ernity,
The Kreep

pink hymenoptera queen by Brazillia R. Kreep

The Kreep



My sister Dee, Mother Valia Rich, Twin brother Michael, me, Grandmother Inez Munsey Rich Puopolo, Brother Billy - Ridley Park, circa 1957

Things my mother taught me…

Regarding business: Say nothing and they’ll think you know more than you do.

Regarding etiquette: Bring your favorite bottle of wine to every dinner party and then drink it yourself.

Regarding politics: Forget the party, vote the candidate.

Regarding career: Before all things.

Regarding kids: They all grow-up eventually.

Regarding Love: Compatibility is better.

Regarding Marriage: Live together first!

Regarding honeymoons: Paris.

Regarding divorce: At least you have Paris.

Regarding Mother’s Day: Send a check instead.

Love you, mom, wherever you might be!